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Business environment is constantly changing, and workplaces need to keep up with these challenges. Based on Steelcase methodology Blue Business Interior offers comprehensive consultation and assessment so that your workplace can adapt to these changes. Our team links you with Steelcase’s comprehensive workplace research and methodology to help you achieve organizational success and employee satisfaction.

Blue Business Interior offers workplace assessments based on Steelcase workplace research and knowledge that are easy to manage and provide a thorough insight into people’s everyday work.


Space Planning

Using office space floorplans and Steelcase research, we offer user analysis and a complex diagnosis.

Our architects analyze current floorplan and organize a visit to the location. Having processed these results as well as client information we conclude to what extent the space meets the requirements of the company’s efficient operation and industry trends.

Workplace strategy

Workplace strategy is aimed at creating an environment that serves people’s physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing in order to enhance employee commitment, thus improving organizational performance.

Today’s office space is carefully planned, flexible, multifunctional and tailor-made to the activities within the company. It can support both new work processes (collaboration and team work) and private preferences (focus and recreation), while it provides an optimum ratio of social and private spaces tailor made to the company’s needs.


Discovery Exercise

We define the direction of workplace strategy in a 2-hour workshop for top management (6-10 participants).

During the workshop we start a dialogue about workplace challenges that are most important to the top managers of the company and explore opportunities of the workspace.

Collaboration and Private Preferences Workshop

The right ratio of social and dedicated space is key for every company.

A 2-3-hour workshop for middle management and end users (8-16 participants). We analyze situations, behaviors and expectations related to collaboration and private preferences. After the workshop we propose solutions to improve the efficiency of collaboration or focused work within the company.

Web Survey

Using online questionnaires, the special characteristics of the organization’s complete work activities are easily assessed.

Companies like to exploit employee insight; however, they lack an established method to assess requirements, the level of satisfaction and the ways of cooperation with their people. Web based assessments provide a snapshot of the company from multiple angles and deliver useful data for creating a strategy.

Space Utilization Measurement

Managing the costs of company property without space utilization measurement is like running a business operation without a balance sheet.

Operating independently from the client’s IT network, compact, easy to install cordless sensors securely (with 128-bit encryption) forward data gained from 1400 measurements a day.

The cloud-based reports contain occupancy statistics and periods, the number of meetings and their participants, as well as their behavior. This way the number of work areas necessary for fixed, flexible and mobile colleagues, as well as the size of conference rooms and other collaborative areas become predictable, even taking seasonality into consideration. All this could result in order of magnitude savings in property costs.

Acoustical Analysis

75% of today’s workers experience excessive noise during work.

Acoustic sound level measurements and related products have been playing a key role lately. For our acoustic solutions we use the so-called ABC (Absorption, Blocking, Cover) categorization.

Wellbeing at The Workplace 

It takes more than ergonomic furniture, foosball or showers to create wellbeing at the workplace. We must create the culture of wellbeing, where people can move, think and feel happier.

Health issues like cardiovascular diseases and obesity are becoming more and more common. It is important that employers keep finding solutions to support their people in maintaining physical, cognitive and mental health.

Discovering the importance of ergonomics in the 1980’s helped to understand biomechanics and the importance of supporting posture. With workplaces having considerably improved since then, today’s workers do not spend all their time sitting at their desks. As mobile technology has become part of our everyday life, new research revealed the importance of movement and more positions. Today’s work is more complex than ever, and most workplaces are full of distracting effects. People need spaces where they can focus and have a chance to escape from the cognitive overload of a workday. They need a people-focused workplace where they are happy. Employers have to take an active role in ensuring an environment that foster health and wellbeing at the workplace.