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Relying on our knowledge based on Steelcase research we understand how work and workers have changed, and how all this has changed the workplace. With our products + services + experience we can give you a helping hand in creating the sustainable and cooperative workplace. We would like to understand your requirements and those of your company and people. We explore your options, implement the right products and take care of their delivery, installation and maintenance.


Strategic Space Planning

The plan we prepare for you sets out not only solutions for the current development, but outlines options for future increase, as well as for planned or unplanned changes within the company.

After having thoroughly analyzed property characteristics and office work processes, we plan interiors that reflect the best allocation, as well as corporate identity. We present you the results as:

  • 2D blueprints as per technical standards
  • 3D visualizations, photorealistic images
  • Animations and walkable VR (virtual) spaces

Interior Design

Our partners carefully match your requirements and the opportunities of the space. The design process can be accurately tracked in the implementation plan.

We give special attention to wall and floor coverings, seating, space and wall allocation plans, decoration elements (plants, pictures) and lighting systems; to the placement of cable boxes, switches and plugs, and we do understand the identity-shaping power of colors and materials. We are ready to design custom furniture on request.

Project Management

We stand by you from the moment of selecting the property until you have moved in.

In phase 1 we set the goals depending on budget, technical requirements and time available. We check and comment the detailed schedule and material quality, then finalize the plans and have them authorized. We help you select suppliers and are constantly checking costs and the flow of information. In the last phase, following the implementation, we document and evaluate the project and savings as part of the handover process. Communication and responsibility are the cornerstones of our quality policy.


Moving offices is a sensitive process: it must be carried out without disturbing daily work and meeting all deadlines – otherwise the company may suffer damages.

Our vast experience in planning and managing removals, our tools and assembly team are a guarantee for the smooth implementation. We make inventories, removal timelines, prepare an arrangement and seating plan for the new space; we package, transport and coordinate professionally. We use state of the art technology, preservation and identification solutions.


Our storage services are available for clients who seek temporary or longer-term storage options for disused office equipment.

We dissemble and pack your furniture and properly store them in our 700 sqm warehouse equipped with a security system. We are at your service to set up appointments for viewing your stored furniture.