Furniture is not a fixed cost; it is a „moving asset”. Warehousing is the first step in managing furniture as an asset and optimizing your investment. We assemble and dismantle your furniture; we ensure the right packaging, we transport and store them in our 700m2 fully secured warehouse.


  • Reduce furniture costsTo know what and how much is stored enables to optimize furniture assets
  • Lower real estate costsAn organized furniture asset management optimizes warehouse space and its associated costs
  • Time savingReal time access to furniture in stock allows customers to be informed of what furniture exists.

Moreover, to receive advice on what to do with stored furniture allows reducing overall costs. Warehousing costs less, than the disposal of unused furniture and the purchase of new ones.

Main references: Citibank, Procter&Gamble, Deloitte, Diageo, FHB