Utilization measurement

Office spaces in our changing world lose their classic role as the space dedicated to do work, more often becoming a space to support functions related to new workmodes – collaboration and teamwork. Changes in business and technology make common spaces more and more important, also altering the landscape of the office. But how do you optimize and create these new functions? What is the right balace between shared and individual spaces anyway?

How do you tell the correct ratio? Managing a facility without precise data is like running a company without a balance sheet.  Only to assume the right solution is an irresponsible attitude: most companies think that their office space utilization is 60-70%. Sensor measurement tells a different story. We make the future plannable for facility management experts.


Our sensor measurement service provides clients with accurate data about the utilization of shared spaces like meeting rooms, shared desks or breakout areas. The aim is that decision making in the office space planning phase can be based on accurate and pragmatic usage statistics, therefore making the project more cost effective and spaces precisely plannable.

The sensors take measurement about 1400 times a day with their motion sensors and wirelessly (ZigBee) and securely (128 bit encryption) transmit the data to a cloud server totally independent of the client IT network, making it easy and secure to install.

The mesh network consist of gateways and sensors and is robust and flexible enough to enable the measurement of a spaces from just a single room to even multiple buildings. The self-healing network also reports it’s health and notifies admins in case of a sensor failure.

The sensors are compact in size (approx. W 120 x D 80mm, just 20mm thick) and can be attached to any surface with a self adhesive bay therefore it allows the discreet measurement of a wide variety of spaces within the workplace.

Data from the cloud based reporting shows occupancy statistics and times, work and meeting habits, number of meetings and participants and more. The information can be accessed by administrators from anywhere and provides essential data for space planning and interior design for a variety of spaces in the office or other workplace.

Reliable measurement allows for pragmatic decisions to be made in order to create a space that supports new workmodes (agile working). The required amount of workstations required for office based, flexible and mobile workers can be exactly defined (desk sharing). Moreover it helps define the useful amount and size of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces even taking seasonality into account.

All this increases “Business Intelligence” enabling significant cost saving in real estate.