Rental program

Renting furniture takes away the immediate pressure on accommodating temporary workers and gives an alternative solution to capital expenditure. Blue provides quick and professional office furniture rental solutions for short or long term. Our rental program is based on a quality assured but constantly changing stock of used and outlet office furniture, therefore we ask you to get in touch with our colleagues regarding the availability of the requested items.


  • Quality furniture whilst awaiting for the delivery of new furniture
  • Furniture for disaster recovery situations
  • Conserve capital
  • Instead of tying up cash in office furniture purchase, retain the cash for investing in higher return investments.
  • Protect lines of credit
  • Long term rental allows companies to keep their credit line open and preserve the company’s borrowing power for other profit-generating opportunities.
  • Overcome budget limitations
  • Make the most of the company’s budget by spreading the cost over 3 to 5 years and acquire a solution that meets the company’s needs rather than one which the company’s budget enables.
  • Improves product affordability
  • Budget friendly
  • Rental instalments are fixed during the rental period. It therefore allows effective budgeting.
  • Solutions for training days, exhibitions, conferences and seminars
  • Immediate implementation of expansion plans
  • Temporary workers or project teams
  • No cash-flow disruption

Main references: FHB, ExxonMobil, Gefco, Accor Services, Diebold, Shell, GE, Hyginett, GSI-AGCO