Any reorganization of the company will have an influence on the office space. Moving is a complex process which affects people, office equipment, records, system furniture and involves critical time schedules.

Our permanent fitting team with more than 10 years’ experience will help you with smaller, medium or large moving and reconfiguration plans. A thorough, well planned moving scenario guarantees that there is no disruption of your company’s activities.

Blue plans and coordinates with expertise the moving and reconfiguring process taking into account all critical elements: time schedule, people and equipment.

Steps of a successful move within current premises or to a new location:

  • Inventory of furniture
  • Space planning
  • Relocation plan
  • Boxes for employees with data stickers
  • Modern and well-equipped car park and equipments
  • Pre-move preparation
  • Moving
  • Re-installing furniture according to space plan

Main references: Diageo, Ernst&Young, HP, PwC, HVG, GE, Johnson&Johnson, FHB, Astron, Epicor, Citibank