Executive introduction

Dear Visitor !

Continuously being a key player in the office space creation market for 15 years under Hungarian ownership makes us proud. During these years we’ve encountered various challenges and rising to these challenges allowed us to develop ourselves. One of our greatest prides is that we managed to create our company values and culture together with my colleagues, an asset that we protect with outmost alertness ever since.

The workflow of Blue is characterized by the resilience of a small company (quick decision making, ability to adapt) and the organization of a large enterprise (self-determination and liability). This may well be one of the reasons for us being market leaders. This market position reflects in many things, like the largest turnover, the widest portfolio of clients, the most square meters of office spaces created, stable financial background, the widest range of services and those specialist services that support business intelligence (for example workspace strategy creation, space utlization sensor measurement and more).

The experience accumulated over the last 15 years allows us to define ourselves as the „Space-Ware” company, meaning we uncover hidden potential of client workspaces in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients.

Blue as a company name…

The colour blue is easy to visualize, refers to the culture of our company and represents honesty, trust and professionalism. “Business interior” means we conduct project-based B2B market activity: We create innovative office interiors and work spaces for medium businesses and large corporations.

What does Blue mean for us?

…doing Good things

With the development of the labour market, the quality of workplaces is gaining increasing importance in Hungary as well, since these are the places where employees spend 8-10 hours of their day. We can say that the office space acts as a catalyst with respect to the company’s culture, the loyalty of the employees, the applied technology and the effectiveness of the work processes. Investing into the effort of its appropriate design is essential for a number of reasons, among them as the work environment will emotionally affect those working there. The work space is a communal area where people spend more time than in their homes.

At BLUE, we believe that a functional, aesthetic workplace will inspire people and measurably affect the productivity of a company. Studies show that investment into a well-designed, sophisticated office space brings multiple returns.


…with Good people

It is my pride to assert that we have been able to develop our company culture and values as a team effort, hand-in-hand with my colleagues, which manifest in the course of our daily activities in our cheerful mood and positive attitude when facing challenges. Our cooperation is characterized by mutuality, as we carry out our work with responsibility and full commitment.

…in a Good way

Our values guarantee our commitment to quality, as well as our ability to earn and cherish our clients, partners and co-workers trust.

I believe that, in addition to our business model, the enthusiasm and dedication of our staff carry BLUE forward in its progress. As a result, our company has been known as the “office space specialist” as well as the market leader in the field for several years.

We hope that you will find our web site informative. In order to be able to assist you by offering up-to-date, full range information, we welcome your questions and comments.

Károly Kis

Managing Partner