Nissan Sales Centre

Blue Business Ltd offered a complete solution for Nissan by creating its new regional sales centre. The service package included the following service fields: project management, interior design, fit out of the office space, moving and furnishing


Project background

  • date: 2010
  • location: InfoPark, Budapest
  • background: new regional sales center
  • number of workstations: 120
  • size of office space: 1300 m2

Nissan challanges

  • To create new office space at existing one its more efficient forming
  • Short deadline, prompt solution
  • Complete service package from one supplier
  • Moving from a bigger area onto smaller one with constant staff numbers
  • Creating the brand image
  • Offering attractive office environment

Blue solutions

  • Creative interior design solution using by the existing furniture
  • Complex project management service from the signing of the tenancy agreement until finishing the office fit-out
  • Complete fit-out of the office space supporting by subcontractors
  • Cost effective interior desing elements in the main territories matching to the brand image
  • Flexible moving service within one weekend

Nissan photo gallery