Medtronic is one of the world's leading medical technology company, its mission is to mitigate people's pain, restore their health and prolong their life. Its products, therapies and technologies are helping thousands of people with neurological problems, heart disease and diabetes. In Hungary Medtronic is present for more than 15 years, its number of employees exceeds 50 people.

In the new office of Medtronic the goal was to create a working environment which:

  • promotes more effective communication,
  • strangthens the employee branding,
  • ensure appropriate working space for all working modes,
  • supports and increases the collaboration.

Compared to the previous rambling and fragmented office, in the new office the resident workstations were placed to ensure that different departments are closer to each other. As a result, the communication have become more efficient, the information flow is better which accelerate learning process for the new hires.

Under the resident tables there is an Implicit Storage with a cushioned seat on the top which allows and supports short meetings at the table. This storage with the top seat is frequently used by the collegaues.

Supporting spaces are desigend for different working modes, which ensure working in different body positions. The standing tables support a healthier workstyle (chairs are used as bracing), they are suitable for individual workmodes or even short meetings. The B-Free Sit&Stand active chair designed to keep the body in a constant motion.

In the openspace there are a few lodge which give an opportunity for a little getaway, focused work or dealing with private matters.

There are some Hosu armchair in the office where the employees can rejuvenate or do some individual work in a more relaxed working environment.

For the normadic workers in the openspace a shared desk system was desgined where prevails the clean desk policy. Nomadic workers can store their personal documents and equipments in the Flexboxes as well as Flexboxes are used as space separators. It was an explicit goal to form a working environment that can flexibly adjusted to the constantly changing needs for which Flexboxes offer a perfect solution. They can be easily moved and varied in the space adressing current needs and their numbers can be easily increased in line with growing headcount.

The office frequently used for trainings with subtantial attendee list, when Node chairs can be easily utilised to accomodate the audience.

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