Open space concept, separated workstations by keeping transparency

Huawei : after participating on a local tender and meeting all requirements of Huawei, Blue got a possibility to create its new office in Budapest

Project background

  • date: 2011 August
  • location: Riverpark office center, Budapest
  • number of workstations: 70
  • size of office space: 600 m2
  • background: refurnishing the existing office
  • supporting the growing of Huawei technical support providing to their hungarian mobile service provider partner

Huawei challanges

  • Open office sytem
  • Separated workstations by keeping the tranparency of the office space
  • Instead of using mobile pedestal offering individual storing solutions
  • Reducing the number of the floor boxes
  • Managing the cable management network in a professional way
  • Hidden cableling solution integrated in the furniture

Blue solutions

  • Nova bench desk, storages and screens
  • Small workstations (120cm) but comfortable and ergonomic leg-options
  • Top access desk tops with integrated high capacity double cable channels
  • Small, individual personal storages between the workstation-islands
  • Same height for storages and screens – keeping the transparency

Huawei photo gallery