Hewlett Packard

HP : after a succesfull participating on a local tender, Blue got a possibility to create the new interor of HP office space

Customized solutions and moving service

Project background

  • date: 2009 october
  • location: Office Garden office center, Budapest
  • number of workstations: 400
  • size of office space: 3500 m2
  • background: new HP HQ

HP challanges

  • To move in a smaller office space
  • To create the interior of the main territories
  • Office space, which support the information and knowledge changes and help to make the work visible
  • To create an office space, which inspires the employees
  • Efficient space orientation and space planning
  • Working with a supplier, who has knowledge and services to manage the project

Blue solutions

  • Complex interior design service package
  • To create a new office space with using the existing furniture
  • To integrate the informal spaces into the office space
  • Creative interior design solutions
  • To create individual furniture to make the space more comfortable (relax zones, break-out zones)
  • Technical support during the planing process and fitting-out
  • Flexible coordination of tasks
  • To move HP from Infopark to Office Garden

HP photo gallery