Allianz Hungária Zrt

Allianz: after a succesfull participating on a tender relating to the hungarian office furniture market, Blue installed the new task and visitor chairs for Allianz in its new office building

Customized solutions and services

Project background

  • date: 2010 June
  • location: K3 office center, Budapest
  • number of workstations: 1200
  • size of office space: 16.000 m2

Allianz challanges

  • Moving from different, small offices in a new center building
  • Very fast, succesfull decision making to handle the project within 4 months
  • Purchasing a well ergonomic, comfortable office chair

Blue solutions: Reply task chair

  • 3 main criterias: comfort, simplicity, easy adjustability
  • Innovative technology and new design elements
  • 2 options: Reply and Reply Air
  • Innovative upholstery and different comfort options
  • The fabric options matched to the interior design expectations

Allianz photo gallery