Workplace strategy

Consulting methodology is based on our business partner, Steelcase “Interconnected Workplace” (ICWP) concepts. The aim of the research is to better understand the changes of the world, the workers and the work methods.. The research group called “Workplace Future Team” – 37 researchers of international universities, institutes and research centers are working together. Over the last three years Steelcase spent more than 120 million USD on research, which is more than the amount spent by the entire furniture industry on the same field.

The consultancy process begins with the space analysis, “diagnostics”. During this process we examine the current space layout of the client. The floor plan presents us with the fundamental relationships of the company’s operation and the efficiency of the office space.

The results are compared with the industry-specific parameters, such as. of 1 m2 per capita ratio, or the ratio of the distribution of dedicated / shared  and common areas.

The next step is to organize “Discovery Excercise” workshops for the chief executive managers. The aim of this cooperation is to reveal any claim that is a priority for the strategy of the company and that also has an influence on office space as well.

By focusing on the areas selected by the top managers we organize workshops with executive managers in attendance. The main objective of this interactive group excercise is to look at the priorities set out in the company’s current state and rethinking how it can develop in the future.

For larger (several hundred employees) companies web based questionnaires are available. Using these questionnaires we present the client with a unique view of themselves that’s otherwise unseen.

At the end of the consultation process – following the assigned priorities (measurable) and the evaluation of information gathered – we present the space zoning (macrovision) tailored to the company’s strategy and the detailed floor plan that supports the company’s processes (microvision).