Interior design

The company image and the business philosophy of the company are demonstrated by the concept design (the flooring plan, space architecture plan, the colour scheme and lighting design, and the photorealistic images). Interior design is the vehicle whereby the designer can coordinate and harmonize the demands of the client with the attributes of the facility and display the results on technical execution drawings.

Steps of the interior design process:

  • Conceptual design plan
  • Flooring and space architecture plan based on the basic principles of “Inspiration Office”
  • Seating plan
  • Floor and wall finishing plan
  • Optimal allocation of floor boxes, terminal points and switches
  • False ceiling plan
  • Lighting plan, lighting simulation with detailed technical description, intensity visualization (lux)
  • Detailed design plan of preferential rooms/locations
  • Full-scale furnishing solutions and design with the designation of the specific space function
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Wall elevation drawings
  • Colour scheme and material use suggestions
  • Installation recommendations (décor, pictures, plants)
  • Technical execution drawings