Client quotes


“You once again managed to complete the tasks on the usual high level of quality, everything happened as we agreed previously. I’d hereby like to thank you for the impeccable and precise delivery of the relocation project in the name of both our relaocated departments and myself.”

/Endre Makai, (dept. of investment and supplies) @ FHB Jelzálogbank Plc., 2015/

“FHB has been using BLUE Ltd.’s services for more than 10 years. During these years we successfully completed many projects together (furniture acquisition, relocations both in the countryside and Budapest) as the result of our collaboration. Your company has proven every time that your managers and the movers did their jobs with the highest amount of focus. They’re polite to our employees and were patient and helpful. Thanks to the work rate and organization of BLUE employees the relocated FHB employees had to spend the least amount of time away from work. This is really important for a bank.”

/Mária Varga, department head (dept. of investment and supplies) @ FHB Jelzálogbank Plc., 2013/

“I’d also like to flag an important point that places Blue over the rest of the companies on the market: their representative not only held our hands throughout the whole process paying careful attention to even the smallest details and offering solutions for all our specific demands, but weeks and then months after the moving had been completed he was calling to check our contentment with the furniture and to make sure the quality they provided stood up to the promise. Having that kind of commitment towards the customers is rare and I have found it highly reassuring.

Given the same situation, I’d gladly choose Blue/Steelcase again, and I warmly recommend the agency to everyone who is looking for a trustworthy, professional company that provides perfect understanding of individual needs, speedy delivery and is easy to deal with. ”

/Zsuzsanna Forgó, HR executive @ Astellas Pharma Ltd., 2011/

“I would like to thank You and your whole team for your work, professionalism and management skills during the planning. I think we can all agree to say that the job done – especially for the management part – highly exceeded our expectations.”

/Ágnes Sárközy, managing director @ Reader’s Digest, 2006/

“The relocation went successfully, they were on schedule, in some cases ahead of it. Nothing got lost or mixed up, delivery was professional, their employees were helpful all the time.

Even though we saw the relocation part as the highest risk during the project (4 sites reolcated: 300 workstations, personal belongings, archives, stock, production lines, high value x-ray devices, servers, labs and workshops) this was the smoothest part.

Really professional job done!”

/Zoltán Gál, facility manager @ GE Healthcare Hungary, 2005/

“We are very satisfied with the installed products, as well as the services.”

/Gerard Lucey, CFO @ Deloitte Ltd., 2005/

“We’re also thankful for the quick, flexible, punctual, damage free delivery that enabled the hassle free restart of our workstations at the new site. We’re happy to recommend the services of your company to your future clients.”

/Tibor Szűcs, head of facility management @ ComGenex R&D Plc. , 2005/

“The things not appearing in the papers may also be a positive for you: our company achieved a rank way better than the average of the top 10 regarding the circumstances and work environment and that is mainly thanks to you.”

/Gergely Markó, facility manager @ Diageo, 2002/